Netflix has a variety of options in the subgenre of wedding reality TV. Say Yes To The Dress offers the best combination of sweet stories and ridiculous drama. Whether or not you believe in spending many thousands of dollars on a fluffy white gown, the show offers an interesting look at how women approach their big day. As an added bonus, it's amazing raw material for a drinking game. Winter is still refusing to release its grip, so it seems like as good a time as any to enjoy some television marathons and wait for spring to appear. If you're already caught up on the serious fare for the season, it might be time to delve into some guiltier pleasures.

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Netflix has a collection of reality television shows that might just help you enjoy these last winter storms a little bit more. Whether you favor makeovers, people acting out or even a little education, there's a bit of reality for your streaming needs.

One thing to note is that, despite Netflix's impressive number of titles, they don't always have access to entire seasons or series. If the show's description refers to collections instead of seasons, it's not the full set of episodes. Anna Washenko is a freelance writer covering digital entertainment, social media, science, and tech. We're using cookies to improve your experience.


Click Here to find out more. It was kind of sweet in its own way. They had to eliminate the people within these categories whom they did not want to date. The eliminated men or women would then parade by the picker so they could see what a mistake they made or did not make.

Do looks matter or is love truly blind? From the first initial group they must choose a person to go on a one-on-one date with, again all in the dark.

Throughout the show the host gives clues, including a peek inside the person's bag and a look at personality profiles, so the individuals can get to know each other better. Sometimes it did all end well, with the couples deciding to date further, but the potential for rejection based purely on physical appearance was always there. It was not until the final woman remained that the truth was revealed, and 40 million viewers tuned in to find out if she would still choose to love a man who had lied to her.

The dates sit by in a van a MTV dating show staple , commenting on the action and sometimes explaining the reason for their mess. The teen would then go on dates with these new people, all while their parents watched with their kid's current beau. There's nothing more awkward than going on a date while being watched by your parents There were almost always foul-mouthed confrontations between the parents and current partner.

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And rarely did the dater choose to date someone their parents wanted. But we ended up watching all the same, just in case. Five people all sitting on a bus waiting to see if their true love was waiting outside. If they made it off the bus though they got to go on a date.

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We watched it for the antics of the remaining people left on the bus. Next was also made great by the contestant introductions. Feel free to use any of these to update your Tinder bio. Chains of Love is a perplexing. They spend every waking and sleeping moment chained together for four days; testing boundaries, personal space, and the amount of things people can do while chained together.

VH1's Top Ten Reality Dating Competition Shows of All Time - VH1 News

At the end of the fourth day, the picker has to choose who annoyed them the least. There are also challenges along the way the group has to go through, like-team building activities and dates. Chains of Love might have escaped your mind because of the short time it was on TV, but once you hear the ridiculous premise it's hard to forget it again. It is one of those "how did they even come up with this" kind of shows.

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But chaining people together is really no different than making people date naked or see each other's rooms before meeting them-- it's just another way to get people to come together and reveal more about themselves and maybe, just maybe make a connection with another human being. Or at least entertain the folks at home. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Enjoy this list of the greatest reality TV dating shows ever, and don't forget to vote! And, if you're a reality TV addict, consider voting on these lists of the best reality competition shows, reality dramas, cooking competition TV shows and medical shows.

Stargirl added Are You the One? Secretly paired into male-female couples by producers, via a matchmaking algorithm, a group of men For all seasons, the show is hosted by Chris Harrison. There are three related series: Hosted by Chris Harrison, the show features The show features contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Angelo Blind Date is an American dating game show.

It was later distributed by NBCUniversal. It first aired on December 20, and was the first of many shows created and packaged by Chuck Barris from the s through the s. CharleneTeska added Love Connection Chuck Woolery Love Connection is an American television game show, hosted by Chuck Woolery, in which singles attempted to connect with a compatible partner of the opposite gender. The show debuted in Temptation Island Mark L.

Walberg, Mandy Lauderdale, Billy Cleary Temptation Island is an American reality television program broadcast on Fox in which several couples agreed to live with a group of singles of the opposite sex, in order to test the strength of S version is shown on The CW.

It has been advertised as "The Ultimate Social Experiment" While not a direct spin-off, the show was a result of Brigitte Nielsen and It was narrated by Scott Mills for series 1 and 2, then Sarah Harding took over as presenter The show is created and produced by Endemol USA.

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The first season was hosted by Darren McMullen; season It stars Bret Michaels, the lead singer from the band Poison. The show closely resembles its sister show Each episode featured a group of 50 men and a group of 50 women competing for a date with one main contestant of the opposite sex.