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Younger caps may certainly be bad, or soon to fail. Feb Sat 10, 2: Me, Axial Sprague Atoms, actually made by Barker Microfarads here in Virginia are my "go-to" reliable cap for commercial stuff, else I just use Panasonics from Digi-key.

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Sadly, you can't buy directly from Barker Feb Sat 10, 3: Feb Wed 14, 3: Is it a batch code? Books Support This Site: Page 1 of 1.

Previous topic Next topic. Mallory capacitor encrypted date codes Posted: According to our rep, Mallory only placed date codes on military stuff - all other codes were lot codes, used internally, and the codes were not placed linearly with the other markings, but hand stamped.

Apparently, Mallory did batch sample testing before packaging, and the codes merely identified all in a batch As Mallory hasn't made an axial or radial electrolytic in a while, the NOS stuff is quite dated. Up for sale here is this used Mallory can capacitor. This is untested and is sold as non-working due to age. It is marked uf 25v, and is untested and may have drifted over the years. This is sold as non-working due to age. It is marked uf 6v, and is untested and may have drifted over the years.

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The paper label has a bit of scraping on it, but it's not too bad. It is marked 50 uf v, but may have drifted over the years. It has "62" written on it. This is used, untested, and sold as-is. You should bring it up on a Variac, but you may have to restuff it.

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Up for sale here is this NOS Mallory can capacitor. This does have a tiny dent on the side pic 1. It is marked 20 uf v 40 uf v uf 50v uf 50v. We have a vast inventory of thousands and thousands of tubes. These are untested and sold as-is.

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One capacitor is a different shade than the other two. It has three sections, labeled 50 uf v, 10 uf v, and uf v. I don't know what era it was from, but it looks relatively modern. This is untested and sold as-is.

It will probably work fine, but I would bring it up on a variac. These are Quality Capacitors…. You will receive 10 Pieces with each Buy-It-Now. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 One Mallory Orange Drop.