Thai food is indeed very cheap, especially if you eat in shop houses or stalls.

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For me, the Filos are too clingy, needy, and generally more of a pain in the ass than the Thais. The girls are generally very nice but like I said, far too needy and marriage-minded for my taste. Why did you put Hanoi on here if you basically rip it in the guide? Vietnam sucks and the nightlife sucks too. Philippines is unreal Cebu and so is Thailand.

Pickup While Backpacking in South East Asia

Philippines — wide, squatty noses are so unattractive. You should do a graph like this for Eastern Europe , Balkans, Baltic region — just the whole thing. Sexuality would def go to Poland because after 11 the women love to drink and dance and just cut loose. What about Sri Lanka? I was there for one day, and it looked great from a tourism point of view. Philipinas are guilt ridden Catholic girls. Indonesian women are wild bitches.

Listen, if you want to see this demonstrated — go to Hong Kong and hang out in Wanchai on any given Sunday. The Philis and Indos dominate the scene.

The Philis are shy and as my friend above said — clingy. The Indonesians are fucking insane bitches, without a trace of that catholic guilt complex. Wow did you miss bigtime on Lao girls! As soon as i saw that, I knew this whole thing is just BS. Suggest all you guys just find out for yourself — this is crap. In retrospect… I agree with the Lao girls statement. My experience clouds my judgement.

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I was there went I was 19…. I agree with his Thailand and Pinoy, the others I have not visited yet, but thanks to NN I am a little more enlightened. I also think being a Caucasian male in Asian countries gives you waayy more DHV then if you were say indian, black or asian yourself!!! The sultan of Brunei and his younger brother have a harem of scores of girls from all across the world…white black and asian. Probably because you get the whole package with a filipina….. Of course if you dont want the clinginess as mentioned above then your better bet is a Thai.

Just depends what you want… a gf experience or whore to fuck and dump. Thais girls are hot too but sometimes girls are thin no ass small boobies. Philippinien women body most of the time are curvaceous with boobies and ass and also a beast in bedroom. Maybe bec they also have a spanish roots with them that made them wild i dunno. They look like a petite latina for me. I agree with the results.

Pickup While Backpacking in South East Asia • Absolute Ability

I am thinking of going to Thailand for a couple weeks and travel around. Just want a gorgeous SE asian girl as a travel companion whileI am there. Email will not be published required. How to Escape Sudan. Roosh June 28, at 3: I guess Philippines and Thailand are popular for a reason.

Alex June 28, at 9: This solidifies my plans to go to Phillipines and Thailand first.

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Naughty Nomad December 29, at 8: THey look like aborigines Reply. Yoyo February 27, at 6: Naughty Nomad February 12, at 3: Come In Spinners September 21, at 8: Tanglin March 12, at 4: Baw Seua May 22, at 8: Naughty Nomad May 24, at Rian August 22, at 3: But be careful when choosing a girl since ladyboy in Thailand as beautiful as the real lady Reply.

ElChristo February 19, at Naughty Nomad February 19, at P November 2, at 6: Also try Pune as its a student city and Goa. Scott Mallon June 15, at Difficult to hook up with regulars. The problem I had is they almost always end up begging me to take them with me to Thailand. The world or bust September 7, at 4: Naughty Nomad September 8, at 1: January 22, at 1: Like many other apps on this list, your potential matches are based on your Facebook connections.

You have 24 hours to indicate your interest, and make plans to meet up.

Best Rap Around Asia [ 25 countries ]

AsianDate is a free dating app that lets you meet women from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries in Asia. If you have family ties to Asia, or are just a fan of Asian culture, this dating app can help put you in touch with matches that are perfect for you. AsianDate notes that their online dating service does not tolerate any scam activity by their members. They have an anti-scam policy in place, and it is easy for users to report abuse. This gives users great peace of mind.

Looking for love over 50, or prefer a mature partner? You may also be interested in our guide to the best senior dating sites. Want to learn an Asian language so you can chat with your new sweetheart?


Check out these great language learning tools. By Tucker Cummings Miller. Updated Aug 6, at 2: Published Oct 17, at 5: