Memes, School, and Sex: My little sister is only 16 and she passed the High School Sex ed test. Girl Memes, My Little, and Man: So my little sister just sent me this.. Being Alone, Family, and Friends: FOX friends I've characterized the Antifa people and people like them as protesters, but they're not.

They weren't protesting anything.. They weren't trying to change my mind or advocate for a position. They were threatening my family to get me to stop talking. I never in a million years would had imagine having to experience again what I had experience as a child growing in communism.

I remember the first time the communists came to my house, students who were not old enough to know better were lead by my teachers and order my fellow peers to throw rotten eggs, rocks, bottles of urine, and feces at my house. I remember one of My neighbors try to stop the mob and he was lynched by them as I watched through the window.

Thanks to my Mother sixth sense our family survived another day. My fellow Americans, this is not going to stop.

"When Your Girlfriend Has a Twin Sister" | Know Your Meme

It will get worse, the censorship has already begun, already groups who have tried to fight communist terrorist groups like Antifa are being persecuted and treated like criminals when it should be the other way around. I hold the democrats, the media, and the poor leadership of the Republican party responsible for such actions.

The USA needs to turn around this path or we will all experience what real nightmares are made off. The Grinch, Halloween, and Memes: Cute, Memes, and Good: Even if the legal age is 16, it's still less than The legal age of consent in all of Canada and most of America is AoC is 17 in 8 states and 18 in You only have to be 18 to take pictures. If the AoC is 16 in their particular locale, then she's considered legally competent to consent to sexual activity. Even in places where the AoC is set at 18, most have "close-in-age" exemptions where you're still okay provided you're within a certain range.

In some places there are differing ages of consent for vaginal and anal. Age of Consent laws are fucking weird and all over the place.

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If you want to be perfectly safe and never have to worry about it, stick with 18 and you'll be fine. Either way though, I think that OP is safe, strictly from an age-based legal standpoint. You have many times higher chance of birth defects with relatives varying with degrees of relation. Not everyone has access, or would act based on information obtained from 'genetic screening'.

So while it is an available tool, I dont know if it is used commonly even in first world. Also just cause we can screen doesnt remove risk, its like saying smoking is ok because cancer screening. Yes killing an innocent creature is worse than two consenting adults doing something that does not effect you. It always had been. That "always had been" part is called revisionism.

Incest has traditionally been considered very bad. The "incest taboo" is basically universal. The rabbit-stomping taboo is Except for the tradition of royals or equal status with different titles marrying relatives to keep the bloodlines pure. It was pretty established for a long time. I should know, my family tree folds in on itself. A brother and sister had a child and said child married his grand-aunt.


Pre-Western contact Hawaiians believed that the strongest mana, a person's spiritual power, can only be attained by being born to a brother and sister. Does it help keep down on grocery bills at family gatherings? But seriously, I can't believe I forgot Polynesian. Didn't know about Hawaiians, but I'm sure lots of islander cultures have incest in them.

1. You grew up competing for attention like:

Living on an island sort of cuts down on marriage opportunities. Sooner of later, everyone's related somehow. Anyone on the mainland who had a thing for 'pure bloodlines' was just It's just blood, and half the time the royals were axed out in favor of new ones anyway. Why worry about their great-great-great grandfather's roots?

It's funny you say that, because we just had a family reunion. The gross majority of money raised went towards food. True, lots of food was donated for example a steer, a wild pig, and two domestic pigs , but there was enough food to feed the relatively light turnout of about or so. Yeah and look at King Tut, that didn't really turn out so well for him or any of the other deformed, sickly and mentally ill royal offspring.

I don't have a problem with OP and her relationship or incestuous relationships in general , but it's irritating to see the risks of birth defects downplayed. Although they are only half siblings, so I imagine the risks are lower than full siblings then again birth defects are still common among cousin pairs.. But I'm not an incest expert. You have named one specific child born of habitual incest. Now, name me many more specific children born of first generation incest who are "deformed, sickly and mentally ill," and your point will be valid. I agree that habitual incest is awful for genes and future generations.

But I'm willing to bet lots of everyone's relatives got it on at some point with their aunts and cousins and siblings and parents, just because of the nature of tribal tendencies and isolation. Continuing it as the norm is probably a bad idea. Having it happen one instance in billions is not a big deal or one instance in hundreds- going to assume OP's family doesn't have any instances of relatively recent incestuous offspring. No one is downplaying the risks of genetic roulette. I was simply pointing out that the incest taboo is not universal, and that taboo really has basically "always has been" around.

Another poster really downplayed the risks of a birth defect, but even if your kid turns out fine who knows what might happen to their kid. If it makes you feel better, I knew a guy in high school whose parents were cousins. So there are definitely more people like you out there. I wish that there was a forum or something where people in incestuous relationships could talk about it I guess there is somewhere, maybe you should Google that. And as much as you like where you live now, I would consider moving to another area where you can live out your lives as a mostly normal couple.


As someone who's lived quite a few places, you'll always find another place you like with other people you like. I don't think it's particularly healthy for you or your relationship to be shrouded in so much secrecy, if you want a good relationship with your boyfriend I would strongly consider moving as soon as he's done with school you can transfer. That's just my 2 cents. The odds are not much greater with a specific recessive gene for a major desiese over standard population in full siblings.

Does your family have a history of specific genetic issue? Do your full research yourself when you cross that bridge. Honestly we have had other incestuous relationships on this forum as well, and the one I remember in particular ended this way-. They moved out of their state took months to plan and moved to a new place where they would be husband and wife and no one would have ANY idea that they were related. They got to be happy together, although they had to leave friends they had back home.

In the long term that might be what you wanna do, because no one wants to hide a relationship they really care about!

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That thread gained over 2, upvotes. Variations of the copypasta with other reaction images began spreading through Instagram as well.

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